Rehabilitation Unit

The mission of this area is to assist ambulatory and/or hospitalized patients with physical or neurological disabilities, based on the diagnosis, assessment and adequate integral and effective rehabilitation treatment, ensuring the safety of treatment throughout the process, providing comprehensive, adequate information and "personalized" treatment, to return them to their environment in the best condition and/or improve their quality of life.

  • When a patient goes to the rehabilitative doctor, the first interview is conducted, a physical examination and the collection of information that will be needed later on, and the doctor assesses whether it is necessary to perform additional tests.

    This information determines the treatment to be performed, based on the diagnosis, establishing a personalized rehabilitation program according to the physical and/or functional needs of each patient.

    This plan or programme is passed on to a dedicated team of physical therapists, who apply the plans and maintain a continuous contact with the rehabilitation physician, for the purpose of achieving greater efficiency in the rehabilitation objectives set for each patient.


  • In the physiotherapy area we have electrical stimulation equipment, ultrasound, infrared rays, paraffin baths, TENS, microwaves, shortwave. The CVB has a team of highly qualified physiotherapists who use the following treatment methods:

    • Physiotherapy: Uses body movement to treat diseases.
    • Thermotherapy: Treatment with heat lamps. Infrared light
    • Cryotherapy: Use of cold to treat diseases.
    • Electrotherapy: Use different electrical currents.
    • Massage therapy: Various forms of massage.


  • The College is doing a lot of work against unqualified practice.
    Physiotherapy is a healthcare profession with university training. Its competences are gathered under the law of heath professionals. Bachelor’s degree in physiotherapy (4 years).

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Physical therapists are qualified professionals with university degrees legally trained to apply the techniques of manual therapy, osteopathy, lymphatic drainage, functional bandage, back education... in order to prevent, treat, or alleviate your physical condition. We are duly registered professionals with ongoing training.

    Massages and osteopathy are tools that we have to develop treatments, they not health professions. We work as a team with the rehabilitation physician.